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Some recommended ways to get more links to your web site

The best way to get more links to your site is through hard work.

In order to find sites that are relevant to yours and allow you to post a link on, you can perform the following searches on google:

Replace keyword with the phrase you are targeting.

keyword “add url”
keyword “add site”
keyword “submit site”
keyword “submit url”

If you perform these searches for various keywords you will find plenty of sites that will allow you to post your link on and that are related as well.

You may also submit your website to directories. This is a long and hard process but it is an easy and free way to get some incoming links to your site. Hope this helps.

Another way that I discovered is following query on Google:

intitle:add+url OR intitle:submit+your+site OR intitle:add+your+site “your keyword”.

That will list websites in which you probably could add sites related to yours.


Another proven successful way is to write an article about a subject you know. When you finish the article you write a short bio about yourself in the end with a link to your site and then you submit it to article submission sites. You can find lists of such sites on various places with up to 100 places you can submit your article. If you are lucky many will accept your article and publish it on their site and each one will have a link back to you.

If you provided a high quality article and are lucky it is likely that your article will get published on authority pages and your page with the article will have some PageRank as well.

The trick here is to write something good and useful and also to submit it to many places.

It is an excellent form of marketing, not only for the backlinks you get, but also the readers who read your name and information.