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How do I get out of the sandbox faster?

Sandbox is a collective filter that still has a lot of confusion and speculations surrounding it. One of the biggest areas is how one can “escape” it or at least make your stay there shorter. The theories (and I stress they are theories) break down into the following areas.

Link Speed
Some SEO’s claim the sandbox actually has nothing to do with time and is actually more a function of linking. There is a double edge sword here. To rank high you need lots of links, but to avoid the sandbox you can’t get too many links. As a compromise its proposed that you build your links exponentially which basically means if you get 10 the first week you would get 15 the next week and 20 the following, etc. Its believed it is this slow, steady and consistent increase in your number of incoming links that causes Google to see it as a legitimate and emerging site. So in the first month you may have accumulated 300 links but by spreading them out over the month you have avoided the sandbox filter. Alternatively, you can buy your domain before you even start designing your site and slowly accumulate links. This way by the time you are completely up and ready, you will not be subject to the sandbox.

Link Quality and Relevance
Majority of SEO’s and Webmasters tend to go after reciprocal and directory links when starting their first campaign. After all they are most likely a Page Rank 0 with a site no one has ever heard of, so they go with the one technique where these factors have little importance. What results is 100’s of unrelated and unimportant links. Google has been devaluing the importance of directories over the last year and with the addition of hundreds a day, this trend seems here to stay. In many theories it is believed that if Webmasters get the majority of their links from “Authority” sites, they will be viewed as important and therefore not subject to the filters referred to as the Sandbox

Purely Age
There are still those that feel that age is still the most important factor. If you are registering a new domain name, there is no way around this. However, many SEO’s buy old and existing domain names and add their own content. If you are able to get a DMOZ listed domain, you may help your chances even more as it will have an existing link structure. There are many services on the web that offer upcoming domain expiration lists so you may be able to grab one at a bargain price. Be aware though that there is a number of SEO’s that believe that these domains will be “reset” when ownership is changed so you may be subject to the sandbox anyway.

Best of Luck with your pending escape for the Sandbox!