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A seven step scheme for search engine optimization

As the internet is day by day enveloping with myriad websites on the same, the importance for and the need of Search Engine Optimization is on continuous rise. And you can too go for the strategies which most top ranking sites are using and making most from their internet marketing efforts. It’s not always the money that pays but also the selection of right way to reach the final destination. The sites that are on top follow some basic strategy in search engine optimization. These strategies available for you here are very easy to follow and also do not cost much or say cost nothing to give to practice. So we begin now:

  1. Manually register your site with an Open Directory Project, DMOZ. It is the most comprehensive human edited directory available on the web and the largest one too. The Open Directory Project is constructed and conserved by a huge global community of volunteer editors and feeds other leading web directories.
  2. Visit google and manually submit your site there, for faster inclusion. Even if you have listed your site in open directory it takes time for google to eventually spider your site and put it in the listings related to your keywords and site name, so to make it quicker and submit manually to google as well.
  3. At yahoo you can purchase a listing for $299 fee and Yahoo will include you in their directory that maintains website like Yahoo!, MSN and AltaVista.
  4. Using a high KEI keyword is important here. Such a measure will take into account the popularity and the competitiveness of your keywords. This in turn increases your chance for getting selected by the search engines at little or no expense at all.
  5. Heard of a link building campaign? Yeah, that is what you need to be engaged in, as the more links you have the more important you become. Especially if the links you are having are having a high google ranking, it will signal google and other search engines about your site. For fast link building some good ways are to submit articles to article directories.
  6. An easy-to-crawl site would be better than a site with dynamic pages. This will help the search engines to easily locate you, although with the arrival of Google site maps things are changing but we need to make sure that all search engines are able to travel across your website. So make a point to use HTML coding and avoid pages that are created dynamically.
  7. After all these careful efforts one is required to be patient. After following the guidelines you should wait and allow search engines to re-index your site. Though it is internet but it takes some time at least for search engines optimization to take a hold.

By carrying out this scheme your efforts to search engine optimize will generate positive returns. Also it is important to learn continuously about latest techniques and requirements in search engines for improving your results as their world are continually evolving.

Ten Guidelines that will help boost your Search Engine Rankings

This article will be helping you in understanding the basic principles of search engine optimization(SEO). The changing algorithms of search engine leave many of the online sellers discouraged and irritated. And here we’ll be telling you the tips that will reduce your frustration as well as help you in increasing your rankings. These include those basic principles which have remained through the years. Let’s look at them one by one.

  1. At times we find that after so many efforts and appropriate phrasing of articles, still no result show up in the searches and there we do a mistake of quickly changing our domain name. So the first point to keep in mind is that don’t be too quick at changing the domain names. It takes up to a year for keyword to show up in searches. Google has aging delay for any new article so be patient.
  2. Target the audience not the search engine. When you’ll focus on the impression your site will create on the audience a better site will come up that the viewers will appreciate and the engines will like as well.
  3. Extensive Keyword research is very much important to get best results as every other thing revolve around the keyword phrase that you select. If you need suggestions about the words that people are searching for world over the following information data base could be of help. http://WordTracker.com and http://KeywordDiscovery.com
  4. Giving a structure to a site is important not only in its visual appreciation by the user but also in optimization. So while designing and categorizing your site”s architecture and navigation base it on your keyword research. A keyword phrase could be used as your navigation word if possible. Jill Whalen, the founder of highrankings.com phrase it as “Your homepage should be optimized for the more general phrases”. Your inner pages should be optimized for the more specific ones.
  5. A site should be programmed in such a way that it be a “crawler” friendly one. “Crawlers” are sent by search engines to gather information from your site to help them in knowing how to rank your site. To create a crawler friendly site create your links using HTML and not JavaScript. As crawlers won’t be able to read information in JavaScript. Also make sure that your copy is not graphic of a text else the crawler will see it as blank page. Don’t design the site in Flash if you want the crawler to read, interpret the information and classify your site.
  6. The internal text links and clickable image ALT attributes should be labeled as descriptively as possible. Inside the text links, use the phrase that describes the page you’re clicking to and for the image links, the phrases are to be enclosed in the image’s code.
  7. In your site, select your key pages and choose some keyword phrases that is chiefly for a that page only and work those phrases into a copy. After this write a powerful copy for those key pages of your site using your chosen keyword phrases.
  8. The Title tags are very important as it is the information which appears in search engine results. So the point is, you need to fit in your key word phrases into each page’s title tag unique to them. However, just not overcrowd the title only with the keywords; the title tag needs to be informative and attractive to the viewers as well.
  9. A link-worthy site helps the search engine to judge its popularity. That is, more number of links pointing to your site reflects the popularity of the site. So make sure that people want to link to your site and for this you have to have something that you can offer worth linking to. Yes the product or services do count here, but beyond this if you want to reach the top other things that are help are: great variety, an information service, excellent presentation.
  10. Whalen says “If you can rank highly for a good portion of them, they’re going to add up to a lot more than just that one keyword phrase that you think is the good big money one.” That is, do not stick to any one keyword or phrase only. Its better that you optimize for all the applicable phrases.

So now you know what 10 points formula for SEO success is. Be patient, target the site for the audience, do extensive keyword research, give structure to the site basing it on keyword research, create your links using HTML making it crawler friendly, label internal text links and clickable image descriptively, while writing choose the keyword phrases that apply to that particular page, make attractive title tags incorporating keyword phrases in them, try to have many links pointing to your site, and don’t stick to only one keyword phrase.